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Application Selector for CHEMICALS Industry

For over 100 years, Wolverine Proctor has been serving the broad spectrum of process industries - heavy chemicals, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibre, rubber, plastics, minerals, mining and a host of others. In each application, the equipment is precision engineered to meet a specific need and to fit directly into the complete processing operation.

Wolverine Proctor has the drying experience, product knowledge, test database and engineering knowhow to design and manufacture a dryer to give you the exacting quality of product that you require. Our drying and thermal processing machinery is used to dehydrate, heat set, sinter, harden, sulphurize, temper, chemically modify, gel, cure, anneal, braze, cool, calcine, react, expand and sterilize.

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Mar 2018- SNAXPO 2018

Apr 2018- Petfood Forum 2018

Apr 2018- Powder & Bulk 2018

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