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Application Selector for TEXTILE/FIBERS Industry - BONDED BATT

CPM Wolverine Proctor offer a wide range of equipment for Bonded Batt fabric production.

  • Bonded Batt


3-Pass, High Loft Bonded Batt Dryer

The standard of the industry, the Wolverine Proctor 3-Pass Bonded Batt Dryer and Curer is used to cure resin-sprayed batts or webs.

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Impact Dryer

The Impact Dryer can be used to dry a variety of fibers such as cotton, synthetic fibers, wool stock, garnetted stock and bleached cotton linters.

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Impingement Oven

Wolverine Proctor also offer Impingement Ovens with the Jet-Tube, custom engineered for your specific application.  Products are stationary on a moving belt or band and air using tubes is directed at high velocity over the items on the band.

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