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Application Selector for TOBACCO Industry - RECONSTITUTED

CPM Wolverine Proctor offer a wide range of equipment for Reconstituted Tobacco Manufacture.



Impingement Oven

Wolverine Proctor also offer Impingement Ovens with the Jet-Tube, custom engineered for your specific application.  Products are stationary on a moving belt or band and air using tubes is directed at high velocity over the items on the band.

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Stem Dryer

Designed specifically for drying tobacco stems in GLT Plant without reordering requirement. A specially designed conveyor plate is used to prevent sticking of the stem and specially designed feeding systems provide uniform loading of the conveyor over a wide range of feed rates. Can be provided with or without cooling to meet the needs of the process.

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Cased Burley Dryer/Toaster

Produces a fluffier low density product at a high production rate. Capable of "hard" or "soft" drying / reacting. Capable of high reordering rates.

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Auxiliary Equipment

    • 749 Feeds
    • LDF 2000 Feed
    • High Pressure Spray Mist Reordering System
    • Ultrasonic Reordering System
    • Micro Processor Control
    • Slurry Feed