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Application Selector for WEB PROCESSING Industry - PAPER AND FILMS

The following products are included in this category:

  • Tape production
  • Protective coverings
  • Printing applications
  • Filter-media production



Available in single to triple position, semi or fully automatic splicing models. Smaller units use a cantilever design.

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Coater designs include nip or pan-fed reverse roll, knife-over-roll, rod, gravure, saturator, dip tank, or combinations to apply a solvent-based or water-based coating onto a continuous web.  Modular designs allow for quick change-over to another coating method when required.

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Web Dryer

All dryers are custom-designed and fabricated to meet customer specifications. High efficiency heat transfer allows shorter dryer lengths resulting in lowered initial capital investment and reduced floor space. Designed in multiple zones of independent air velocity control and temperature for maximum operating flexibility.

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Arch Roll Support Dryers

Designed for products that may be supported by rollers as the wet product is dried from the top side.  Ideal for processing coated papers and films.  The dryer includes insulated housing, air nozzles, driven rollers, heat source, circulation fans, and exhaust components.

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Custom-Designed Processing Lines

Specially-designed processing lines and stand-alone machines are available to coat, dry, and handle continuous web products.  Machine widths may be less than 12 inches (305 mm) or as wide as 15 feet (4572 mm) to process a wide range of products for different applications including consumer goods, architectural materials, aerospace products, and others.

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