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3-Pass, High Loft Bonded Batt Dryer

The standard of the industry, the Wolverine Proctor 3-Pass Bonded Batt Dryer and Curer is used to cure resin-sprayed batts or webs.

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How it Works

In operation, the batts are taken from the web forming machines and placed on the conveyor of the dryer. The batts are sprayed with a resin on the top and are cured inside the dryer by means of hot air circulating through nozzles.

The material is passed out of the delivery end of the dryer where it is sprayed with resin on the reverse side. It is cured inside the dryer with another nozzle system and then conveyed through the dryer to the delivery end where an overhead conveyor carries the material to slitters, hot-wire cut-off and a winding head.

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