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Belt Cooler

Compact with sanitary design, easy to install and operate, Wolverine Proctor Belt Coolers provide economical downstream product cooling for thermal processing lines. Specifically designed for permeable, static product beds.

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Feature List

  • Continuous or Batch Processing.
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Install, Clean and Maintain.
  • Simple to Operate.

How it Works

Ambient air is drawn from the room through the bed of product by suction created from a remotely located exhaust fan. Air distribution ducts insure uniformity of airflow through the unit. Heat is efficiently transferred from the product to the air which is then exhausted outdoors.

Chilled air belt coolers are available with remote air handling including coils, supply and exhaust fans used in conjunction with enclosed insulated cooler housings.

Batch Operation

  • Belt Cooler Systems are available for efficient, uniform cooling of products made intermittently in batches.
  • Product proximity sensors sequence cooling zone operation during conveyance through the unit.
  • The operating costs are low. Cooler automatically starts and stops as product stream enters and exits each zone.
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