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Belt Grill

Wolverine Proctor Belt Grills are used to impart texture, mouth-feel and taste of home or restaurant cooked products on a commercial/industrial scale.

Belt grills help maintain or improve production rates on existing ovens by rapidly increasing the internal product temperature.

A minimum space is required to achieve the desired product benefits.

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Feature List

  • All stainless steel wash down design.
  • Most uniform heat transfer to product.
  • Product is conveyed between two coated fiberglass belts.
  • Multiple independent heating zones for controlled cooking.
  • Top and bottom heat applied directly to the product for rapid surface sealing and thorough cooking.
  • Automatic belt tracking and tensioning system for longest belt life.
  • Excellent accessibility for cleaning.


  • Electric or thermal oil heated.
  • Grease collection troughs.
  • Automatic belt wash system.
  • Power/Control panel with motor starters and digital cook time display.
  • PLC control system.
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