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Cased Burley Dryer/Toaster

Produces a fluffier low density product at a high production rate. Capable of "hard" or "soft" drying / reacting. Capable of high reordering rates.

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Feature List

  • Produces a high fill, expanded product within a minimum factory footprint, for the production rate required.
  • Capable of "soft" drying or ‘’hard’’ toasting.
  • In hard toasting operations, the zones, and parameters, are configured to produce the required chemical reactions, and expansion, for an ‘American Blend’ product.
  • Capable of high re-ordering rates, even under ‘hard’ toasting conditions
  • Complete control of zone air flow, temperature, humidity, exhaust, and conveyor speed, drying /final product moisture. – SAME AS ‘4’ above
  • Controlled drying / toasting / cooling / ordering with maximum uniformity and no wet spots. SAME AS ‘6’ above, but omit the water spotting comment
  • Real time monitoring and logging of all process parameters for validation and quality control
  • Modular design, allowing for ease of future expansion and minimal installation time.
  • Specially designed feed systems to ensure gentle handling; minimal product stick to feed transfer; additional ‘blending’ of lamina prior to feed; and even conveyor loading, ensuring consistency.
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Cased Burley

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