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Cheese Melter

The Pizza Infrared Fuser economically and efficiently produces the most uniform and enhanced product possible.   Designed and fabricated, using USDA approved design, it incorporates the most sanitary design with quick and easy access to all areas for cleaning and maintenance.

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Feature List

  • Extremely short melting or fusing times eliminate ingredient damage.
  • Fusing times are half of typical Air Melting systems.
  • Uniformity of treatment by heat source.
  • Virtually no ingredient losses during fusing process.
  • Enhanced product appearance as more cheese/ingredients remain on pizza.
  • Cuts ingredient losses during freezing by over 90%.
  • Minimizes amount of heat absorbed by product improving product quality.
  • Less clean-up/disposal costs.
  • Less waste.
  • Easily adaptable to existing process layouts.
  • Payback in months.
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