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Compak Conveyor Nut Roaster/Cooler

In many processing applications, the Compak Nut Roaster/Cooler is the most cost effective solution meeting virtually all roasting and drying requirements effectively and efficiently. The Compak roaster may be economically used for a specialty product such as chicory, carob etc.

It is available in two popular standard designs which incorporate many of the same features as the larger capacity SCF roasters.

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Feature List

  • Uniformity of airflow in the roaster results in the most uniformly roasted product obtainable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Factory preassembly minimizes installation time.
  • No mechanical agitation of the product thus minimizing splits and abrasion of product being roasted.
  • The majority of the roasting air is recirculated for the most energy-efficient operation.
  • Every panel on both sides of the machine is a fully opening door, for ease of access and cleaning.
  • The conveyor return underneath the drying chamber for ease of cleaning.
  • Fully insulated drying chamber for minimal heat loss and lowest operating cost.
  • Integral cooling section stops roasting action immediately for the best product uniformity.
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