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Impact Dryer

The Impact Dryer can be used to dry a variety of fibers such as cotton, synthetic fibers, wool stock, garnetted stock and bleached cotton linters.

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Wolverine Proctor has developed a full line of fiber processing machinery. A complete range of auxilliary equipment is available to be efficiently used for a particular application.

How It Works

The fiber to be dried is fed onto the feed end of the moving conveyor by means of appropriate opening equipment. Heated air of uniform velocity, circulated by means of tubine type fans, passes through a nozzle system and down through the fibers. This nozzle system evenly distributes the air across the full width of the conveyor.

The unique Wolverine Proctor nozzle System is vitally important to effective stock drying. Even with the best stock openers available, some dense clumps of fibers are conveyed through the dryer along with fully opened stock. With the usual dryer, overdrying of the opened stock and under-drying of the densely packed fibers is prevalent, Wolverine Proctor minimizes this effect by the use of nozzles which impinge the heated air down through the stock and penetrates to the center of the dense stock while passing through the opened fibers and the perforated plates of the conveyor.

After passing through the bed of material, the air is then recirculated through lint screens and heaters utilizing steam or gas. The temperature of the circulated air can be controlled by appropriate instrumentation. The fibers are discharged at a continuous rate, from the delivery end of the dryer. Accessibility for cleaning and maintenance is provided by using double-hinged doors on both sides of the machine.

Auxilliary Equipment
Load Conveyors
Wet Feeds
Vibrating Chutes
Squeeze Rolls
Wet Stock Openers
Rotary Feeds
Apron Feeds
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