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Multi Stage Conveyor Dryer/Cooler

One machine incorporating separate independent conveyors with gentle product turnover at transfer points-ideal for varying loads, drying times and multiple airflow direction changes, together with multiple temperature and humidity control zones.


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Feature List

Multiple air flow direction changes enable the optimised drying characteristics required to achieve complete product uniformity and quality.
A highly efficient air circulation system to recirculate heated air up or down through the product on the band. Controlled amount of moist air is extracted to remove evaporative water at the optimum rate.
Turbine-type fans specially designed for minimal power consumption complete with variable speed drives controlled from PLC.
Highly efficient insulation throughout the drying chamber to minimise heat loss and maximise efficiency.
Heat recovery systems can be supplied to re-utilize exhaust heat and either return it to the dryer or provide heat energy for other process equipment.
Independent multi-zone temperature controls to enable an optimised drying profile for each product. This prevents overheating and case hardening of the product and therefore helps to maintain product quality.
Transfer zones carefully engineered and positioned to suit the product(s) being dried, designed to minimise sticking, agglomeration and product breakage.
  Tests in our lab facilities enable us to identify the optimum drying profile, product size changes during drying, ideal positions for transfer zones and a host of other characteristics specific to your product(s), enabling us to supply you with the correctly engineered drying solution.


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