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Multi-Tier Conveyor Dryer/Cooler

Wolverine Proctor MTCD conveyor dryers are designed to optimize product quality and increase productivity based upon thousands of successful applications worldwide.

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Feature List

  • Floors are sloped for water drainage ensuring efficient quick clean-up.
  • Horizontal surfaces and right angles have been eliminated where possible to minimize accumulation of debris, dust, fines and product.
  • Unique airflow design gives optimum drying performance.
  • Rugged, perforated plate conveyors for longevity of service.
  • Flow diverter at the discharge of each stage for minimum waste.
  • Air distribution plates to maximize the uniformity of air and temperature through the product bed.
  • Mechanical leveling devices to insure constant bed depth.
  • Mixing of product at the transfer of each tier for improved drying uniformity.
  • Maximum access for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

How It Works

The Wolverine Proctor MTCD is a series of single conveyors stacked atop one another, with all of the attributes of the Wolverine Proctor Single Conveyor Dryer/Cooler.

These attributes include medium to high velocity air flow, directed through the product in either up or down through configuration and with independently zoned temperature controlled sections. Since the air passes through the bed and then back to a series of fans located along the length of the machine, zoning is easily accomplished. Each conveyor is passing individually through the dryer, therefore we can tailor the temperature profile to product drying characteristics for highest drying efficiency.


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