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Rapid Smoke Oven

Constructed of stainless steel and complete with fully welded, watertight floor and roof slabs. Heavily insulated, hinged door side panels provide ease of access and cleanability. A special conveyor belt is utilized to minimize marking of the product. A continuous or intermittent conveyor wash system is provided to ensure a sanitary environment.

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Feature List

  • Increased Capacity: More uniform and higher air volumes reduce smoking time as compared to traditional smokehouses.
  • Minimal Labor: Automated system eliminates almost all manual material handling.
  • Improved Quality: Unique air distribution method guarantees uniform flavor and coloration. Wolverine Proctor design provides continuity of smoking conditions and minimizes sanitation concerns.
  • Reduced Floor Space: 5,000lbs/hr (2270kg/hr) processed in approximately 550 sq. ft. (50 sq. m.) of floor space. For larger capacities, Wolverine Proctor offers multiple conveyors running simultaneously in the same direction.


  • Integral automatic Liquid Smoke application system.
  • Humidity control system with steam injection.
  • CIP automatic cleaning system.
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