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Suction Drum Dryer

Suction Drum Dryers are specifically designed to dry any material that can be transferred from drum surface to drum surface, and held on the surface of the drum as the heated air passes through the material.

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How It Works

The Inline Drum Dryer consists of two or more perforated drums, horizontally mounted. Air circulation is provided by fans mounted on one side of the drum with air passing through the bottom surface of the first drum and the top surface of the second drum. Depending upon the drying capacity required, any number of 2 drum compartments can be linked together to form a complete machine.

The Staggered Drum Dryer operates on the same principle, except the drums alternate above and below the adjacent drum. This staggered design is not self-threading.

Fast, Uniform Drying

Wolverine Proctor Drum Dryers are designed to provide fast uniform drying. Being suction drum dryers, the fan draws air from the interior of the drum producing a suction on the surface of the area in contact with the material. This suction holds the material to the surface of the drum permitting air to pass through the material being dried. A portion of the drum at the transfer has no suction and permits the material to transfer to the next drum without interference.

Feature List
Staggered or Inline designs.
Gentle treatment of material.
High through-put.
Short drying times.
Uniform final moistures.
Greater ease of accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.
Self threading in certain applications.
Modular design for ease of installation and future expansion.
Microprocessor controls available.
Although the standard drum is made of stainless steel, special drum coverings can be provided where the process requires.
All fan and drum bearings are externally mounted outside the heated air stream.
Some materials can be fed to the Inline Drum Dryer continuously or in batch due to the self threading feature.
A variety of overfeed arrangements may be furnished in either design.
After drying and/or heat setting, materials are folded, batched, or transferred to the remaining process.
Individual and variable speed control of drums can be supplied to cater for product shrinkage etc.
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