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Truck Dryer

The Truck Dryer is ideally suited for service in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries for drying powdered, granulated or semi-solid materials.

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Feature List

  • Rugged square tube framework and insulated, vapor-tight aluminized or stainless steel panels.
  • High volume, scrolless, turbine-type fans with V-belt drives assure optimum circulation of heated air throughout the dryer for fast moisture removal.
  • Standard trays 30"x30" (760mmx760mm) with two-tier trucks or 20"x30" (510mmx760mm) trays on three-tier trucks. Other size trays and trucks can be supplied.
  • Special materials of construction such as stainless steel, explosion-proof dryers, etc., can be supplied.

Production requirements, tray and truck sizes vary from plant to plant. Wolverine Proctor can provide truck dryers designed to meet virtually any need in size, capacity or materials of construction. From a single truck dryer to continuous tunnel truck dryers, Wolverine Proctor engineering and research facilities are available to help solve processing problems and to establish drying data.

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