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Turbo Jet Cooler

Forced convection cooling for existing or new post-oven conveyor systems. Efficient, economical pre-cooling prior to freezing or packaging.

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How It Works

  • Each unit, which is self-contained with fan, motor and air distribution plenum plates, delivers ambient air at high velocity to the product. High heat transfer efficiency of Turbo-Jet convection cooling units greatly accelerates the cooling process, saving valuable floor space.
  • For dense and/or high profile products, Turbo-Jets can be arranged on top as well as on bottom for dual impingement capability. Ideal for ambient air cooling after baking or cooking as well as for use with refrigerated cooling and freezing.
  • Maintains product texture and minimizes dehydration and water crystal formation during freezing.
  • Multi-tiered units are also available for spiral and racetrack systems.
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