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Tech Center

Wolverine Proctor's Tech Center offers continuous as well as batch testing and the evaluation of a wide range of products and materials.

A wide variety of heat transfer equipment is featured - Continuous Fluid Bed and Impingement Ovens are available as well as Thru Circulation Dryers and Belt Grills.

Replication of existing processes as well as development of new processes is possible through the use of our extensive inventory of pre and post drying equipment. Available equipment includes: mixers, steam kettle, extruders (twin screw, auger and rolling), granulator, fitzmill, slicer, peeler, fryer, cooler, boiler, enrobers, vacuum filter, squeeze rolls and centrifuge.

Our unique laboratory machines permit heat transfer analysis of products under any variation of drying, thermal processing or cooking atmosphere to determine the optimum processing conditions.

The Analytical lab enables us to determine accurate moisture contents, water activities, Brix and sieve analysis.

Our Tech Centres are staffed by skilled, experienced engineers and process technologists to test your products and discuss your needs. The facilities can also be hired for carrying out confidential product development trials as required.

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