This page lists our equipment by type. Please scroll down to see all the types.

 1 - Jetzone Type Dryers/Puffers/Toasters

Jetzone Fluidized Bed Dryer/Puffer/Toaster
Equipment Jet-tube technology and state of the art design combine to produce the highest performance and highest quality equipment for fluidized bed processing. Full Details
Jetzone Fluidized Bed Cooler
Equipment Jet-Tube Fluidization technique is the fastest, most uniform and efficient method of cooling the majority of particulate free-flowing products. It is ideal for dense, difficult-to-cool products. Full Details
Jetzone Impingement Cooler
Equipment Jet-Tube high velocity impingement technique is the fastest, most uniform and efficient method of cooling a wide range of food and non-food industry products. It is ideal for dense, difficult-to-cool products. Full Details
Belt Cooler
Equipment Compact with sanitary design, easy to install and operate, Wolverine Proctor Belt Coolers provide economical downstream product cooling for thermal processing lines. Specifically designed for permeable, static product beds. Full Details
Turbo Jet Cooler
Equipment Forced convection cooling for existing or new post-oven conveyor systems. Efficient, economical pre-cooling prior to freezing or packaging. Full Details

 2 - Conveyor Dryers and Coolers (various configurations)

Single Conveyor Dryer/Cooler
Equipment The Single Conveyor Dryer is presently in thousands of installations throughout the world, producing millions of pounds of products per day. Full Details
Multi Stage Conveyor Dryer/Cooler
Equipment A single machine incorporating separate drying conveyors with gentle product turnover for varying loadings and drying times, multiple air direction reversals, together with multiple temperature and humidity control zones. Full Details
Multiple Conveyor Dryer/Cooler
Equipment Up to seven conveyors can be combined with accessories in the smallest possible floor space for the most economical, efficient and comprehensive answer to your drying needs. Full Details
Multi-Tier Conveyor Dryer/Cooler
Equipment MTCD conveyor dryers are designed to optimize product quality and increase productivity based upon thousands of successful applications worldwide. Full Details
Single Conveyor Nut Roaster/Cooler
Equipment SCF Design, Single Conveyor Roaster/Coolers are the current industry standard in continuous nut drying and roasting. Full Details
Compak Conveyor Nut Roaster/Cooler
Equipment In many nut processing applications, the Compak Roaster/Cooler is the low cost answer to meeting virtually all roasting and drying requirements. Full Details
SCF - Heavy Duty
Equipment Ruggedly built to dry products extruded, pelletized, bridquetted or preformed by other methods and are fed to the dryer by means of an Oscillating Spreader, Wiper Feed or others. Designed to gently dry materials with a minimum of breakage and fines. Full Details
Single Conveyor Dryer/Heatsetter
Equipment Designed to provide uniform drying/heatsetting at the lowest cost possible with long-term reliability. Assembled in custom configurations to meet specific processing needs. Full Details

 3 - Bake Ovens, Grills, Smoke Ovens

Bake Oven
Equipment The Bake oven uses a forced air circulation system to impinge heated air directly onto the product being baked. Full Details
Impingement Oven
Equipment Wolverine Proctor offers Impingement Ovens with either the Jet-Tube or Parajet nozzle design custom engineered for your specific application. Full Details
Belt Grill
Equipment Belt Grills are used to impart texture, mouth-feel and taste of home or restaurant cooked products on a commercial/industrial scale. Full Details
Rapid Smoke Oven
Equipment Constructed of stainless steel and complete with fully welded, watertight floor and roof slabs. Heavily insulated, hinged door side panels provide ease of access and cleanability. Full Details
Cheese Melter
Equipment The Jet-tube Hot Air Impingement Technology lightly fuses together cheese toppings onto pizza crust prior to convection freezing and packaging. Cuts cheese loss, enhances product appearance, eliminates plugged freezer coils from airborne dislodged cheese particles, etc. Full Details

 4 - Flaking Mills, Shredding Mill Lines

Flaking Mill
Equipment Flaking Mills have been designed to produce consistently superior flakes. Full Details
Shredding Mill
Equipment This high-capacity machine provides superior throughput while ensuring biscuit uniformity. Full Details

 5 - Drum/Truck/Tray/Loop Dryers and Tenters

Suction Drum Dryer
Equipment Suction Drum Dryers are specifically designed to dry any material that can be transferred from drum surface to drum surface, and held on the surface of the drum as the heated air passes through the material. Full Details
Truck Dryer
Equipment The Truck Dryer is ideally suited for service in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries for drying powdered, granulated or semi-solid materials. Full Details
Tray Dryer
Equipment Available in 10 tray or 20 tray dryers, these machines are extensively used for powdered, granulated or semi-solid materials in batch operations. Full Details
Loop Dryer
Equipment Mechanical designs and features have been engineered into the Loop Dryer based on a long history of manufacturing machinery for the textile industry. Full Details

 6 - Web Processing Equipment

Equipment Laminators and compactors are available for low or high pressure lamination of multiple webs. Depending upon the application, laminators are provided with ambient, chilled, or heated rolls. Full Details
Custom-Designed Handling Equipment
Equipment Wolverine Proctor has designed and fabricated slitters, laminators, multi-purpose coaters, tenter ovens and other web processing equipment for specialized processes in many industries. We are ready to help you with your specific application. Full Details
Curing Chambers with Humdity Control
Equipment Units are designed for applications requiring curing (cross-linking) or conditioning of films and coated materials. Features may include electric heaters, all stainless steel construction, and closed-loop humidity sensing and control. Full Details
Precision Heated or Chilled Compaction Units
Equipment Units have been designed to process structural composite materials used in the aerospace industry. Features include machined side frames, high-precision double-shell heated rolls, gap controls, and hydraulic systems. Hot melt systems also available to apply resin system to paper liner. Full Details
Web Dryer
Equipment All dryers are custom-designed and fabricated to meet customer specifications. High efficiency heat transfer allows shorter dryer lengths resulting in lowered initial capital investment and reduced floor space. Designed in multiple zones of independent air velocity control and temperature for maximum operating flexibility. Full Details
Web Vertical Treater
Equipment Used to dry and cure fiberglass and other webs impregnated with epoxy resins, phenolic resins, etc. Wolverine Proctor vertical treaters are manufactured with specially designed air impingement hardware to ensure superior cross-machine treatment uniformity for products up to 15 feet (4572 mm) wide. Full Details
Floatation Dryer
Equipment Designed for products that require controlled air treatment on both sides. Flotation Dryers are equipped with different types of impingement hardware in order to provide efficient drying and to eliminate back-side product contact. Full Details
Arch Roll Support Dryers
Equipment Designed for products that require controlled air treatment on both sides. Flotation Dryers are equipped with different types of impingement hardware in order to provide efficient drying and to eliminate back-side product contact. Full Details
Equipment Available in single to triple position, semi or fully automatic splicing models. Smaller units use a cantilever design. Full Details
Equipment Continuous coaters include nip or pan fed reverse roll, knife-over-roll, rod, gravure, saturator, dip tank or combinations. Modular design allows for quick change-over to another coating method if required. Full Details
Equipment Accumulators are provided to facilitate continuous uninterrupted operation during roll-to-roll transfer and splicing. Each accumulator includes a counterbalanced carriage, free-turning light-weight idler rolls, and tension control components to maintain accurate tension during acceleration and deceleration. Full Details
Equipment Saturators are provided to apply resin systems onto non-woven fiberglass. Units include stainless steel dip tanks, idler rolls, and metering rolls with gap control. Tanks may be constructed to accept heating media for precise temperature control. Saturators may also be mounted on a docking system for easy removal and cleaning. Full Details
Complete Processing Lines
Equipment All processing lines are custom designed and built to meet required production rates and performance specifications. Wolverine Proctor has supplied lines less than 12 inches (305 mm) to 15 feet (4572 mm) wide to handle and coat films, fabrics, paper and nonwoven products. Full Details

 7 - Tobacco Equipment

Cased Burley Dryer/Toaster
Equipment Produces a fluffier low density product at a high production rate. Capable of "hard" or "soft" drying / reacting. Capable of high reordering rates. Full Details
Total Blended Strip Dryer
Equipment Based on our well proven Industry standard GLT Plant leaf and strip tobacco redryer, this dryer operates with individual controlled temperature drying zones, controlled humidity and exhaust, and is available with or without cooling section. It is capable of high volume throughput. Full Details
Stem Dryer
Equipment Designed specifically for drying tobacco stems in GLT Plant without reordering requirement. A specially designed conveyor plate is used to prevent sticking of the stem and specially designed feeding systems provide uniform loading of the conveyor over a wide range of feed rates. Can be provided with or without cooling to meet the needs of the process. Full Details
Scrap Dryer
Equipment Based on our well proven low cost Wolverine Proctor Single Conveyor Dryer (SCF), this dryer can process tobacco scrap in high volume to controlled standards. Full Details
Reconstituted Tobacco Dryer
Equipment Double impingement design complete with a solid continuous and heated stainless steel driven belt. This dryer can handle a high volume of reconstituted tobacco sheet cast onto the belt. Individual zoning is provided with temperature control. Full Details
Leaf and Strip Dryer
Equipment Capable of handling both whole leaf and threshed strip in its standard configuration. Will produce high capacity with minimum degradation, utilizing minimum floor area. Capable also of "soft" drying for low curl and lowest degradation. Full Details
Oriental Tobacco Dryer
Equipment Based on our well proven Industry standard GLT Plant leaf and strip tobacco redryer, this dryer operates with individual low temperature drying zones, controlled humidity and exhaust, and is available with or without reordering section. Full Details

 8 - Textile/Fiber Equipment

3-Pass, High Loft Bonded Batt Dryer and Curer
Equipment The standard of the industry, the Wolverine Proctor 3-Pass Bonded Batt Dryer and Curer is used to cure resin-sprayed batts or webs. Full Details
Glass Fiber Tower Dryer
Equipment The complete glass fiber finishing range for drying chemicals and resins on glass fiber is provided by Wolverine Proctor. The tower dryers utilize an effective nozzle system to evenly distribute the heated air across the full width of the fabric. Full Details
Impact Dryer
Equipment The Impact Dryer can be used to dry a variety of fibers such as cotton, synthetic fibers, wool stock, garnetted stock and bleached cotton linters. Full Details

 9 - Test / Lab Equipment

Rotary Batch Dryer
Equipment Benefit from product development and testing done right at your own plant. Wolverine Proctor offers portable Jetzone Rotary Batch Fluidized Bed Test Units, designed to provide optimum flexibility for direct scale-up of your process to production size equipment. Full Details

 Other Equipment

Batch Nut Roaster
Equipment Designed for product development, low to moderate batch quantity processing, samples for test marketing and direct commercial operation scale up. This roaster is shipped fully erected and is ready for operation upon installation of the necessary exhaust system, piping and wiring. Full Details
Continuous Tunnel Dryer
Equipment Many advantages over conventional hot rooms or tunnel dryers. Utilizes proven drying principles of air flows and temperature controls. Multiple temperature zones, heating or cooling with individual/independent temperature control of each zone. Full Details