Our international sales, manufacturing capabilities, and worldwide network of after-sales support means CPM Wolverine Proctor is everywhere you are. With over 200 years of experience, we’re the industry standard in the food, tobacco, fiber, and chemical industries. Our first-class engineering design capabilities in thermal processing and our turnkey capability in cereal production and snack processing lines puts us at the forefront of processing technology.


We have a longstanding history of breaking the mold for our customers. Wolverine invented the JetTube air handling technology that’s now a staple of in many food, chemical, and fiber products. Proctor & Schwartz was the first manufacturing company to apply forced convection drying principles to a number of industries. Constantly innovating is what we do, and our customers see the benefits.


You don’t thrive for over two centuries in the processing industry unless you can live up to your promises. At Wolverine Proctor, we do every time. We have first class engineering abilities, allowing us to design equipment custom-made to your specific needs. But our machines do more than just meet your unique application requirements, they’re built to give your maximum energy efficiency, quick installation, and to adapt with your business.

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