Benefit from the value of conducting drying and roasting research in your own plant. The CPM Wolverine Proctor Variable Circulation Laboratory Dryer (VCLD) offers state-of-the-art air circulation technology that is ideal for product development, batch processing, and direct commercial operation scale-up data. This piece of equipment is designed for maximum efficiency, carrying out a large number of tests quickly and accurately in laboratory/test conditions.

The VCLD also brings outstanding versatility to your drying and roasting research with independent manual and fully automatic control of zonal temperature, air directions, velocities, and humidity. It can also imitate multiple drying zones and cooling cycles, ensuring results are transposable to your continuous-production machines.



  • Installation: Minimal installation on arrival
  • Operation: Independent manual and fully automatic controls for zonal temperature, air directions, velocities, and humidity
  • Evaluation: Observation ports for product viewing
  • Capacity: Contains four product trays
  • Versatile: Heating system can be electric, gas, or steam
  • Responsive: Real-time data acquisition of all process parameters
  • Reliability: Fully assembled and tested prior to shipment
  • Optional features: Steam injection for additional humidity and water chill coil for fresh air intake

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