Built on the principles of the proven GLT Plant leaf and strip tobacco redryer, the CPM Wolverine Proctor Oriental Tobacco Dryer is optimized for tobacco processing. World-class engineering means it operates with individual low-temperature drying zones, controlled humidity and exhaust, and optimal energy usage for maximum efficiency in your oriental tobacco operation.



  • Efficient: Spiral airflow in drying to ensure optimal energy usage for capacity and minimal loss of essential oils
  • Consistent: True oriental leaf units with no cooling or re-ordering required; yielding a finished moisture standard deviation of +/-0.25% (subject to deviation at input)
  • Minimal breakage: Finished product temperatures are ideal for case packing, minimizing breakages/dusting
  • Accurate: Accelerated stabilization of leaf after storage and reconditioning, with process times of 10–12 minutes typical
  • Options: To ensure correct finished product moistures, optional re-ordering sections are available for semi-oriental, larger mid rib leaf
  • Gentle: Sweep Feeder systems designed for gentle handling of leaf and evenness of loading are provided in each unit
  • Uniformity: PLC-controlled drying/cooling/ordering with maximum uniformity and no wet spots or “water spotting on whole leaf”
  • Easy quality control: Real-time monitoring and logging of all process parameters for validation and quality control
  • Expandable: Modular design allows for ease of future expansion and minimal installation time



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