By combining the latest in Tobacco Industry knowhow, modern technology, and years of experience, CPM Wolverine Proctor offers world-class tobacco equipment engineered to ensure outstanding results. Our advanced dryers and toasters are trusted in all stages of tobacco processing, from green leaf threshing through to primary, and final manufacture of consumer products. For redrying, “hard” and “soft” drying, toasting, cooling, remoistening, expansion, and more, CPM Wolverine Proctor has the efficient tobacco processing equipment that’s just right for your operation.

For flattening tobacco stems, CPM Wolverine Proctor equipment has become the go-to for operations demanding precise moisture control and reduced stem thickness. These machines are designed to provide a range of results so your product is best suited for any follow-up processes. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our tobacco stem flatteners are optimized for efficiency, accuracy, and the delivering of high-quality product year after year.

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