The CPM Wolverine Proctor Multiple Conveyor Dryer is world famous for gentle, uniform drying with precise climate control in a rugged, good-looking design that outlasts all competition many times over. This drying action prevents pre-puffing of cereals, eliminates surface checking leading to breakage, and uniformly dries many vegetable products for best re-hydration. Pet foods are thoroughly dried, even in the center, and condensation in bins or bags is eliminated. Up to seven conveyors can be combined with accessories in the smallest possible floor space for the most economical, efficient, and comprehensive answer to your food drying needs.



  • Outflow: Floors are watertight and sloped for water drainage
  • Design: Horizontal surfaces and angles have been eliminated where possible to minimize the accumulation of debris, dust, and fines
  • Uniform: Unique airflow results in better drying performance and more uniformly dried product
  • Sanitation: Maximum external and internal access doors are provided to facilitate easy cleaning of all areas
  • Efficient: Heaters are installed vertically to minimize accumulation of fines
  • Options: Optional coolers utilize ambient or refrigerated air to quickly stop the drying process and cool the product almost to room temperature
  • Optimized: The minimum number of efficient, centrifugal, non-overloading fans is provided for less maintenance and the lowest power consumption
  • Quality: Rugged perforated-plate, short-pitch conveyors provide for reduced drop and therefore minimum product damage
  • Accessories: Mechanical separating devices and granulation accessories are available to reduce agglomeration
  • On-demand Protection: Conveyor surfaces can be treated with special coatings for protection or release when required
  • Responsive: “On-the-fly” wash systems can be supplied when product dictates
  • Accessible: Easily removed plug-type fans and split conveyor sprockets can be supplied to further reduce maintenance time



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