CPM Wolverine Proctor equipment is built with our customers in mind, and that’s especially true for the Loop Dryer. Mechanical designs and features have been engineered into the CPM Wolverine Proctor Loop Dryer based on a long history of manufacturing machinery for the fiber industry, where knowledge of process requirements has been gained through established relationships with end users and mill workers.



  • Maximum Capacity With Minimum Energy Consumption: Uniform air distribution giving uniform drying and achieving maximum capacity with low energy consumption
  • Complete Drying Uniformity: Through the use of a unique concept of air movement, the Wolverine Proctor Loop Dryer provides optimum drying uniformity.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility has been engineered into this machine to enable you to run a wide range of fabrics in single or multiple strands. The standard design is available in a range of widths and lengths to suit your individual process requirements, whether large or small.
  • Low Maintenance: Low maintenance costs are found wherever the Wolverine Proctor machine is being used. With the number of installations increasing rapidly, processors are quick to realize the advantages of a Wolverine Proctor Loop Dryer.
  • Lower Installed Cost: Satisfied customers have been quick to see the ease with which the Wolverine Proctor Loop Dryer is installed; subsequently providing a lower installed cost.
  • Reduced Cleaning Time: Large, well-located doors in the housing give immediate access to the heaters and fans for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Panel Construction: Wolverine Proctor’s tube and panel construction used throughout the machine results in numerous advantages.
  • Aesthetic: The enclosure is smooth and sleek, simplifying housekeeping plus giving a trim, neat appearance to the entire machine.
  • Effective: The drying chamber is completely separated from the heating equipment. There is no possibility of the fabric being damaged by touching the heaters.
  • Accessible: Removable latch-and-hinge side door panels permit positive closure or can be easily removed if necessary.



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