CPM Wolverine Proctor is the original inventor of Jet-Tube air-handling technology, which is widely used throughout the industry today. It is the main fluidization technology used for the freezing, cooling, drying, puffing, freeze-drying, spray-drying, classification, blanching, cooking, and toasting of many food, chemical, and fiber products.

Jet-Tube Fluidization is the fastest, most uniform, and most efficient method of cooling the majority of particulate free-flowing products. It is ideal for dense, difficult-to-cool products, including non-food products. The Jet-Tubes create a large chamber between the product and air return plenum to settle out fines from the recirculated air stream, preventing product loss.

JetZone technology, combined with our state-of-the-art design, produces the highest-performance and highest-quality equipment for fluidized bed processing in the world.

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